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Dr. Bisleen Attli, ND

The Mental Empowerment Centre 

A virtual clinic located in Ontario, Canada dedicated to supporting people who feel stuck & hopeless in anxiety & depression master their mental health using a natural & holistic approach.

Work With Me - Currently Accepting New Patients!

Want tips on mastering your mental health? Listen to The Positivity Reset Podcast, hosted by me!

This podcast is designed to be your BFF as you navigate through your mental health journey.


Phase 1:
The Assessment

Book a free assessment to learn the mindset & physical root causes playing a role in your mood symptoms. As well as, learn what your transformational treatment plan will look like.

Phase 2:
Master Your Past

In this phase we will begin your treatment plan by identifying how your past plays a role in your current mood symptoms.

With your mindset, we will delve deep into your childhood stories, rules for living and limiting beliefs. In terms of your body, we will assess your current lifestyle strategies and complete bloodwork.

Phase Timeline: 3 Visits

Phase 3:
Master Your Present

You will learn coping strategies to master mindset so that you gain control of your thoughts and emotions in the present moment.


In terms of your body, you will learn strategies to optimize your diet, sleep and movement. As well as, be prescribed supplements to support healthy body functioning.

Phase Timeline: 3 Visits

Phase 4:
Master Your Future

This stage is all about setting up long-term mental wellness strategies.

You will learn strategies to destroy self-sabotage so that you can continue to feel good no matter what challenge comes your way with both your mindset and your body!

Phase Timeline: 3 Visits

Phase 5:
Mastery Maintenance

Challenges come up in life and that's okay. It's important that you are checking in with yourself and getting support. 

These 1-2 mastery maintenance check-ins/year are made to help you stay consistent and help you bounce back stronger from any challenges that may come up.


Phase Timeline: 1-2 Check-In Visits/Year 

[ Work With Me iF...]

You feel stuck & hopeless in your anxiety & depression.

You have tried a lot of things to improve your mental health but you feel like nothing has worked.

You want to learn the root cause of your mood symptoms?

You want to learn how to consistently feel good.

You are ready to step into your limitless potential and break through all the blocks holding you back from being your best self.

You are not broken. You just haven't found the right strategy that works for you yet.

I am a depression-survivor, Naturopathic Doctor, TEDx Speaker and a BFF for those suffering from anxiety and/or depression.

Learn more about the transformational process to optimizing both your mind and your body so that you can consistently feel good.


 [ Mental Empowerment Workshops ]

I am passionate about empowering & educating others on the topic of mental health.

I am a TEDx speaker who has developed mental empowerment & resiliency workshops for workplaces, schools and organizations. Each workshop can be adjusted & tailored to your specific community. 

If you are looking for a speaker to inspire, educate and empower your community on how they can achieve great mental health, then I am the right fit for you. 

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